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Nepal Tourism Package - “NTP” (In service for 26 Years)

Dreams for Viewing Mt’ Everest, Being to Mesmerising Nepal – Just Think of Nepal Tourism You will Find NTP Services Right There – NTP business modules are devised with Emotional & Personal Cares, Come what May NTP Morals Assure No Let-up, No dilution in Services whatever be the Docket Financials – We Care Your Concerns.

Nepal Tourism Package at a glance – Should we overwhelmingly exclaim for the ‘Nepal Tourism Package’ carrying Nepal’s Tourism Flag for 29 years, Metaphor to Nepal Government’s Campaigns for Nepal’s Tourism.

In 1986, Nepal Tourism Package founder Hemant Kr. Sharma, accomplished with Masters in Business, Economics and distinction of research work on Karl-Marx , interestingly began career with media All India Radio remained passionate since early youth until today subscribes a lot to his Journo ambitions.

Enthused by most distinguished personality of Sh. Amitabh Sharma his mentor brother, Established two offices at one launch at Kathmandu and Delhi simultaneously with a sole purpose and strong belief that each tourist from NTP Delhi has to meet at NTP Kathmandu, No hic-up, No missive, No Lapse NTP could afford, Company Nepal Tourism Package aimed at providing tourism-related services for inbound arrivals to Nepal, Soon NTP found Nepal being world’s most favourite inbound destination greatly in demand by enthusiasts passionate to visit for the exclusivity and variety Nepal has probably no other part in the world has. Nepal Tourism Package found overwhelming responses from the world as it expanded beyond luxury tourism.

NTP Products

Every aspect of Travel & Tourism NTP Caters àAdventures/ Mountaineering-Trekking- Rafting – Bungee Jumping- Kayaking – Ballooning- Paragliding, Jungle Safaris at – World Fame Royal Chitwan & Bardia National Parks, Pilgrimage/ Buddhist Circuit- Lumbini:, Bodhgaya:,Sarnath:, Kushinagar:, Hindu Pilgrimage-Pashupatinath: Muktinath:, Kailash-Mansarovar:, to name few as list is long.

NTP provides Tea-house accommodations to top-in–line Star category Hotels, Resorts, and Venues, We have Helicopter services/ regular & chartered with the fleet of classified transport we are at ease to provide the best cabs/ buses considering destination, size of group/ fit demand etc. Stunning natural scenery to soaring Heritages, Temples, Monasteries, Pagodas to endless Himalayan Panorama to pristine native flora and fauna are Nepal Assets; Nepal is blessed with Top-12 Highest of high Peaks in the world, Gratifying God Rome Can Be built by great human endeavour but not the Great Himalayas and Panorama are bestowed by the God “Enchant Everyone To Be in Nepal at least once in Lifetime.

NTP HR & Services Deployments- Modus-operandi

It is of utmost importance for Nepal Tourism Package to provide its clients with the best service possible. In order to achieve that, NTP is backed by a strong staff of more than 35 skilled professionals combining with 100’s of temporary hired manpower on time to time basis, itineraries NTP create can’t be imitated for NTP being capable of creating exceptional programs ranging from small groups to large, Tea-house accommodations to top-in–line Star category Hotels, Resorts, and Venues for Fits to Hundreds of participants. NTP employees are fluent in English and local languages yet there are marked counsellors in other languages to facilitate foreign languages exclusivity. On top of that, everyone within Nepal Tourism Package possesses the necessary skills to work with state-of-the-art technology and understands the meaning of "Personal Touch".

Nepal Tourism Package now having Corporate Governance under the Flagship Company –‘NTP Tourism Affairs Limited’ who’s Corporate Command are in Delhi/ India at NTP Central Command- 1015, Antrikhsa Bhawan, K. G. Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi having central Sales and Admin Commands Gauzing all the network offices in sales, admin and operations NTP has in Nepal and overseas, Deployments in NTP executives is has strict compliance to serve at booking level itself, every docket has chief , assistant in-charge with most learned, experienced itinerary makers and consultants, every component in the itinerary is booked right here in the office e.g.;, Airlines, Transports, Hotels to everything itinerary refers. While the operational Commands in Kathmandu/ Nepal Head-Quarters at Sprawling Campus like Operational Venue at Ward- No.-3, Bhakundole, Off-U.N.Office, Lalitpur, (Kathmandu), Nepal.

We care in absolute, assignments are met with as per Docket details and & Spirit, Each Docket has one in- charge under who’s command and control several HR resources and Services are assigned with finesse of operational abilities in execution, ‘Is NTP’s USP’, Exclusivity, cares and meeting every single aspect of assignment Topping-up with extra cautions and cares result to ultimate finesse in execution.

‘Each Guest Return With Great Memories to Refer Others and Surely Come Back’ – NTP Assurance.

Corporate Command Vigil at each docket from the times of booking till it is in operations to the time it is finally concluded with and Concluding Note has Guests comments, Docket in charge in Admin & Sales then docket in charge in Operations confidential reports is compiled.

Monitoring of guests welfare is done at all levels and guests welfare tracking with modern communication and tracking tools is done all the time at all places when they are on their itineraries

Organization has independent governance various departments mainly as the Management, Marketing, Processing, Operations, Accounts, R & D for necessarily quality control and confidential Feed-back from the Guest and Associates in our net-work make the systems intelligently working in a most transparent well coordinated and cohesive unit. .
We are armed with special guides having local knowledge, translators and brilliant tour chauffeurs. We have excellent tie-ups with the leading hotel groups, ensuring the right accommodation at the right time.

Ethos ‘Let Our Friends Transcend & Entire World Be Our Family’